How It Works

Before joining, we meet all our students to ensure that they have the right motivations and attitude to become a successful student in our class, regardless of their ability


We have two divisions

Air Maths Tuition

Due to the number of requests, we run our GCSE, A-Level (Edexcel, OCR and AQA) courses as an online academy. In these lessons, we follow a set calendar schedule that we have created to specifically mirror each respective course curriculum.  Although the topics are already preset, we listen to the student's needs are flexible on the topics we teach in these lessons.

Our lessons are engaging and highly interactive. This is because we encourage students to share their ideas and ask as many questions as possible.

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Air Maths Tuition

Separate to our online academy, we offer IB Diploma and Foundation Mathematics as a more bespoke tutoring service. Students' work in smaller groups and similar to the academy, these lessons are also highly interactive. 


However, the order in which we teach topics is purely determined by the students. 


Saturday School

Air Maths Tuition

In our Saturday school, we help students at AS Level (all exam boards) to bridge the gap from GCSE's. Lessons take place from 10am BST and involve developing our student's understanding of topics as well as effective exam preparation.

A typical lesson

with us

Air Maths Tuition

We begin each lesson with a 5-minute introduction where we introduce the topic of the day and discuss the importance of this topic in the exam.


Air Maths Tuition

Whether you have learnt it or not, an expert tutor will show you how to do it clearly and thoroughly. They will then demonstrate how to answer a typical exam question with a model solution.


Air Maths Tuition

Students will have a chance to ask questions verbally or anonymously using the chat messenger or interactive polling system.


Air Maths Tuition

The tutor will answer your questions making sure that you have a clearer understanding before we move on. 


Air Maths Tuition

We set a question and split students into groups of 3 aiming to create groups of similar levels of ability. Students can also choose to work independently. All group work will be closely monitored by the tutor.  

Air Maths Tuition

The tutor will go through the answers and provide an overview of the lesson. All questions which cannot be answered during the lesson will be answered using our members only 24/7 service.

At Air Maths Tuition, we pride ourselves on rigor, exposure, and structure. Our research and techniques have proven that just 1 hour a day of consistent additional support can be the difference between achieving success or missing your targets. 

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What happy

Students &

Parents say

"I was away from school during the spring term and used Air Maths Tuition videos to catch up on work. 

I was surprised to see that these were more than enough to get back up to speed. I can definitely see people using Air Maths Tuition classroom as a substitute to school!

They covered everything and it doesn't even feel like school!"

-Ryan, A-Level Maths student from Barnes (Edexcel)


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