Our track record speaks for itself

We measure our performance

 simply by our students' results.

Air Maths Tuition

We measure our performance simply by our students' results.


We have a 95% success rate for students who learn with us and have helped students of all abilities. We define grades from A* to B as success. 

Air Maths Tuition

What sets us apart is the sheer amount of research we put into course specification, examiners reports,  and how we constantly review and adapt the way we teach to make us relevant.


We are experts in trend spotting and drawing parallels between different topics. The overlaps we see helps us create resources for our students which are more cohesive and effective.

Air Maths Tuition

We realise that part of the challenge for students is that they do not understand their notes.  Not only do we provide extremely clear lesson notes during tuition, but we produce content which is extremely candid and easy to understand. 


We take the following into consideration:


  • New spec course curricula and examinations 

  • AS and GCSE(year 10)  prerequisite

  • Exam techniques and keywords

  • Student common errors

  • Examiners reports

  • Potential Nuances


We cover all bases and give students everything they need to tackle challenging questions and get an A.

Air Maths Tuition

We have vast experience and fantastic exposure to A Level, IB and Foundation Mathematics and are passionate about delivering it in our unique way.


We have developed an expertise in the new linear model for Edexcel, AQA and OCR which was introduced in 2017.


At Air Maths Tuition, we understand the new specification inside and out. Our entire plan and model is built upon the new spec and therefore we know exactly what examiners are looking for. Our main focus is to ensure that students have a deeper understanding of the topics, which gives them an edge over other students.



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What happy

Students &

Parents say

"I was away from school during the spring term and used Air Maths Tuition videos to catch up on work. 

I was surprised to see that these were more than enough to get back up to speed. I can definitely see people using Air Maths Tuition classroom as a substitute to school!

They covered everything and it doesn't even feel like school!"


-Ryan, A-Level Maths student from Barnes (Edexcel)


Email us: info@airmathstuition.com 

Call us:  0208 434 0644

Whatsapp: +447715372352

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